This particular cactus that I have chosen has a colossal history worth sharing. It’s become unique because in these times of digital pics; the plant was important enough to be photographed, printed as a hard copy and then glass framed.
This all goes back to the time when I was a fairly newcomer to Canada and looking to, make new friends in the Waterloo Region.  One way to achieve this was to volunteer and so it was; I volunteered as a co-facilitator at different community centres. No sooner had I started that I met with a slightly elderly, courteous lady volunteering for similar humane causes.
Very soon we became friends and on a rare occasion, she would stop over at my apartment for a small break here and there. Noticing the emptiness of my living quarters, she couldn’t resist gifting me a dainty little cactus shoot. For those who have green thumbs understand instinctively that cacti cutting have an inbuilt ability for vegetative propagation. Later I got to plant it, in a pot of my choice. In addition, I also received a framed photograph of the plant at its climax bloom to grace the empty wall of my bedroom. On the back of which was neatly written note that reflected tiny components of our volunteer work together dated as 2010. When in fact, the picture was taken and framed long before the time of my arrival in Canada.
 I choose this particular object because it started the tradition of *shoot sharing* for me and my family.
Ever since I first received it, there have been numerous photo and shoot (stem) sharing and in the process, I have made many new friends (other than adding them on facebook ).