Mementos: Ordinary Objects of Extraordinary Circumstance


January 2018

Life Companions

I was born in the Soviet Union and moved to Canada in 1992. I was not able to bring many things with me to a new country; the only object I took with me were two gold earrings that I… Continue Reading →

Precious Memories

I love objects that bring warms and can remind you of a particular person or moment in your life. This art object, in the form of a small drawing, represents two Arabic letters that are equivalents of English letters L… Continue Reading →

Grandmother’s Stamp

This stamp is etched with my grandma’s name. She carried this stamp to use as her legal signature, because she never learned to read or write. My grandma got married at fifteen years old and had eleven children, and didn’t… Continue Reading →

Favourite book

  This is probably my favourite book of all time. I first read it when I was 15 years old in Singapore. I couldn’t bring very many things when I moved to Canada two years ago, but I had to… Continue Reading →

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