This stamp is etched with my grandma’s name. She carried this stamp to use as her legal signature, because she never learned to read or write. My grandma got married at fifteen years old and had eleven children, and didn’t have the opportunity to receive an education. Despite all of her setbacks, she approached her difficulties with strength and pride, and accomplished a lot in her life.
When my grandma passed away in March 2015 I asked to have her stamp. We had a special bond, and she had given me other meaningful heirlooms before, so I knew she would be happy if I had it. My grandma was a big inspiration to me, and I wanted to make a portrait of her that showed her as a solid, powerful presence, while acknowledging the difficulties she overcame. I was given my middle name after my grandma, and I am thinking of making a self-portrait using the stamp to acknowledge our special connection, and the fact that she is a big part of what made me who I am.