Mementos – a participatory art project that invites you to share your personal or family story to a bigger world! Selected stories and photographs will be displayed on this website on the ‘gallery’ page as well as during the Treasured Memories: Thinking with Things exhibition at the OCAD University Grad Gallery, 205 Richmond St W,  March 24 -29, 2018.

A ‘memento’ is a sentimental and emotionally loaded object, a material reminder and an anachronistic thing of the past. Sometimes mementos are perceived as souvenirs, but there is a significant distinction between those two. Souvenirs are objects humans obtain when traveling while mementos are entities individuals keep as a reminder of significant life experiences, places, and people that play a great role in creating someone’s memory and personal history.

This project was created as a platform for inclusion of a multiplicity of voices from diverse points of view as well as to demonstrate that material objects have a potential to evoke memory and foster narratives about our past, present, and the future.

Thank you!